Step 3 – Trade fair objectives

Exhibitors’ objectives at trade fairs

Exhibitors’ objectives at trade fairs

Trade fairs and exhibitions fulfil all kinds of functions, allowing companies to achieve a wide range of aims.

General trade fair objectives, e.g.: exploring new markets (discovering market niches), assessing the overall competitiveness, assessing export chances, assessing the overall industry situation, exchanging experiences

Communication objectives, e.g.: expanding the list of personal contacts, increasing brand awareness, expanding press activities

Objectives regarding pricing and conditions, e.g.: exploring pricing options

Distribution objectives, e.g.: expanding the distribution network

Product objectives, e.g.: testing market reactions to products and services, testing market reactions to a newly introduced product

Objectives of trade fair participations

Visitor-oriented exhibitor objectives

Visitor-oriented exhibitor objectives

The objectives pursued by trade visitors also provide exhibitors with guidelines for their strategic planning. These also influence tactical considerations. One could formulate these as visitor-oriented exhibitor objectives.

Some of the objectives pursued by trade visitors are: comparing prices and conditions, looking for certain products, spotting trends, attending conferences and special shows, meeting new business partners, intensify existing contacts