Step 7 – Advertising and public relations (PR)

Advertising and public relations (PR)

Advertising and public relations (PR) are an indispensable part of planning for trade fairs. Success at a trade fair goes hand in hand with the level of visitor attention on the stand.


Advertising and press work conducted by the organisers

Advertising and press work conducted by the organisers

Trade fair companies spend a significant part of their budget on advertising to attract exhibitors and visitors.

The press work undertaken by organisers is aimed at achieving the widest possible response in the media

The organisers only advertise for the trade fair or for the exhibition itself, or for key features of the event, thereby ensuring that visitors will attend. It is the responsibility of each individual exhibitor to attract visitors to their particular stand.

Organisers provide exhibitors with a number of tools for advertising and public relations work, which are either free of charge or available at cost price. The relevant forms can often be downloaded from the organisers’ website. The requested advertising material can be marked with the company’s details, e.g.

  • company name and address

  • location in the hall and number of the company’s stand

  • a logo, if required

The organisers can subsequently commission the material to be printed. Using advertising material supplied by a trade fair company is the easiest way to attract visitors and send out invitations. However, this method only announces a company’s participation in the trade fair. It contains no information on the company itself and the range of products it will be exhibiting. In order to achieve the right impact additional measures such as brochures and personal invitations are required.

Advertising measures offered by trade fair organisers to assist exhibitors

  • Press mailings to professional magazines
  • Internet advertisements
  • Print templates for company signs and hall plans
  • Brochures for visitors, posters
  • Admission vouchers
  • Trade fair calendars


Advertising conducted by trade fair organisers

  • Advertising in professional
  • magazines and consumer press
  • Advertising targeting exhibitors
  • and visitors
  • Posters
  • Online advertising
  • Trade fair companies promote their events not single exhibitors!

Exhibitor measures for attracting visitors

Exhibitor measures for attracting visitors

  • invitation with a reply option by letter, fax or e-mail

  • invitation brochure with a reply card

  • phone calls

  • admission vouchers

  • raffles

  • advertising

  • company entries and advertisements in catalogues

  • media package (website, online exhibitor directory etc.)

  • entries in the visitor information system

  • outdoor advertising

  • online advertising

Press work conducted by the exhibitor

Press work conducted by the exhibitor

Press work is a cheap and effective way to draw public attention to your company, its products and to your participation in the fair.

In order to attract the editor’s attention the headline should carry a key message and the text itself should provide answers to the following questions:

  • Who?
  • When and where?
  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

Product reports for the press

Almost all trade fairs release product reports for press. Organisers provide exhibitors with a form for submitting brief and informative texts on their innovations and evolutionary developments (innovation reports). These texts can also be written and published in another language. The organisers process and reproduce this information and distribute it to specialised journalists.

Press kit

A press kit, which will subsequently be available in the press centre and on the stand (including in other languages), should contain detailed information and background information, including reference lists. It should preferably contain photos, 13 by 18 cm in size and in black and white, with a brief caption on an adhesive label on the back.

Press work on the stand

The press officer / stand supervisor / manager or a previously selected employee should be designated as the press officer on the stand. It is his responsibility to ensure that press kits are available in sufficient quantity and to replenish the press box at the press centre.

Press boxes

The organisers supply electronic press boxes via their homepage. The press centre at the fair offers additional boxes (charges may apply) where exhibitors can leave their press releases.

Press conferences

The participants in a press conference expect information to be interesting and new. If an exhibitor’s sole aim is to build press relations then it is recommended to hold an informal meeting or press reception.