Step 8 – Stand personnel

Stand personnel

Stand personnel

The more motivated, informed and qualified the employees on your stand are, the greater the chances of achieving high sales and building new contacts. Making the right choice of employees for your stand and proper training are just as important as making the best of presenting your products.

Personnel requirements and selection

Personnel requirements and selection

Which persons to employ at the fair depends on their professional expertise and personal qualities


At a trade fair it is the overall impression given by a company that counts. Every member of a company’s trade fair team must be willing to give his best before during and after the event. Trade fair duties are not a reward but a demanding activity for which employees should be properly trained. In order for all the stand employees to be able to fulfill their tasks they must be clearly informed on the company’s objectives and their individual responsibilities. Employees on the stand who feel they are well prepared and informed will help to ensure everything goes according to plan and a successful course of events.


Employees often have little experience in dealing with trade fair visitors. It is therefore necessary to prepare and train the trade fair team for this task, particularly conversational skills, arguing a point and asking the right questions. Seminars, printed matter, videos and webinars are available for training employees for trade fair duties. The AUMA website at has information on the range of trainings on offer from organisers and companies who specialise in trade fair coaching.

Professional conversation

When a visitor approaches the stand he must be given sufficient time to look around.

Stand employees should watch closely to see what the visitor is interested in and in order to choose the right moment to speak to him. On making contact the employee should introduce himself and explain the relevant exhibit to the visitor.

At the end of the conversation the employee should arrange for a further meeting, for example a visit, or for sending an offer.

Qualifications of stand personnel

  • Extensive theoretical knowledge and useful practical skills
  • A willingness to engage in conversation and open-mindedness
  • A self-assured and confident manner
  • Articulateness
  • Adaptability
  • Foreign language skills
  • Experience at trade fairs
  • Ability to work under pressure (the employee must be in good health)
  • Willingness to travel