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Successful participation in trade fairs

Out of all the marketing instruments available trade fairs offer by far the widest range of functions. This is where exhibitors can conduct business, cultivate their image, look for business partners or examine the market. The same applies to visitors. Trade fairs are the ideal place for surveying the market, comparing prices and sales terms, trying out products, discussing their applications and doing business.

For this reason, even in the internet age the importance of trade fairs has not diminished. Today, many exhibitors pursue a wider range of aims at trade fairs than they did a number of years ago. However, in order to make the most of a trade fair it is essential to prepare optimally and to choose the “right“ event, the best option for meeting the stated objectives. It involves everything from choosing the right employees for one’s stand to using advertising materials that target prospective visitors. Ultimately, the most important thing is to systematically collect and evaluate the contact information secured at trade fairs.

This toolbox offers tips on how to navigate your way along every step of the way, from preparing for a trade fair through to conducting a follow-up analysis:

  • 10 steps to successful trade fair participation
  • Use checklists
  • German trade fair industry

Selection of user role

Selection of user role

The AUMA Toolbox aims to address a wide audience, from trade fair beginners and experts to consultants and agencies. So that you can use the tool in a targeted way, you have a choice of different roles. These roles provide users with varying extents of information.

Beginners are people who are new to the topic of trade fairs. This is aimed at, for example, people who are planning on participating in a trade fair for the first time, but also at trainees in companies, apprentices and students. They receive a compact initial overview consisting of short texts with links to additional information. START

Experts are people who already have experience in participating in trade fairs. They can focus on specific sections and receive more information than beginners. Checklists for concrete projects can be found in this section. START

Consultants/agencies are people who are not planning to participate in a trade fair themselves, but are supporting companies in doing so. They find out why trade fairs are important and what has to be kept in mind regarding choice of fair and efficiency.  START