The AUMA Toolbox consists of four tools which are independent from one another:

Trade Fair Fit: a navigator through the trade fair environment for trainees, agencies and experienced users with lots of tips and aids. It always has the most up-to-date figures regarding the trade fair industry and provides you with a download for planning and implementing your participation in a trade fair.

Personal Trade Fair Plan: research in the AUMA trade fair database and create your own personal plan. Whether you're an exhibitor or visitor, you'll find all the facts, figures, contacts and data you need.

TFBC Trade Fair Benefit Check: the successful tool for measuring the efficiency of your participation in a trade fair is also included in the AUMA Toolbox. With the enhanced option of storing data on a secure, independent server, you can assess your trade fairs on any type of device, from different locations and together with your colleagues. Or you can simply perform cost calculations.

TFBC Trainer: so that you can take full advantage of the powerful TFBC Trade Fair Benefit Check tool and all of its functions, we have put together four lessons for you.

The AUMA Toolbox is free to use. Registration is also free of charge. Internet connection fees apply in online mode.

We focussed on smaller websites when implementing the application. This means that only file sizes of around 200 kbytes can be uploaded and downloaded, with the exception of the TFBC Trainer, where the file sizes are displayed.

Your data security is of the utmost importance to us. Please read the information regarding use and data security.

If you have any questions concerning data management and security, please do not hesitate to contact us at: