Conditions of use


The AUMA Toolbox is an application that runs locally in your browser. If you do not register, the details you enter will be saved locally to your browser.

The AUMA Toolbox saves data locally using the web storage function (aka DOM storage) supported by all modern browsers. The exact data storage location and method varies from browser to browser ( is a good starting point if you are interested in the technical details). However, depending on the browser, the data in the web storage will be removed when the browser history is deleted.

The AUMA Toolbox therefore offers an option to save data externally: if you decide to register with the AUMA Toolbox, your details will be saved to our server. This has the advantage that you can use any device and still be able to access and edit your data. Your data will therefore be available no matter what browser you use.


The AUMA Toolbox is free to use. Registration is also free of charge.


AUMA does not share AUMA Toolbox user data with third parties.


AUMA assumes no responsibility for the application being up-to-date, correct or constantly available. AUMA also reserves the right to amend the scope of the application.


AUMA is in no way liable for damages resulting from the use of or inability to use the application. AUMA specifically disclaims liability for the loss of company data entered by the user when using the application. AUMA (and its vicarious agents) is liable in instances of wilful intent or gross negligence as stipulated by law. This also applies to injuries to life, limb or health caused by gross negligence. AUMA and its vicarious agents are only liable for property damage and financial loss caused by gross negligence if a major contractual obligation is breached. However, the extent of this liability is limited to the damages typical for this type of contract insofar as they could be foreseen when concluding the contract.

Storage of data

Storage of data

Data must be stored to work with the Trade Fair Benefit Check (TFBC) and to create your Personal Trade Fair Plan.  For the TFBC, this involves the data collected about your trade fair participation and alternative marketing activities. With the Personal Trade Fair Plan you store your favourite trade fairs.

We also offer you the opportunity to access your data from different devices and locations.

AUMA Toolbox

You must create an account in order to store your data on our server. The following data is stored when creating an account:

Registration: a username of your choice linked to a valid email address. This username with a password gives you access to your data stored in the online mode of the TFBC and the Personal Trade Fair Plan. A certified TLS-/SSL connection is used when registering with the AUMA Toolbox.

You can also use the account as a team. Please note that the same project cannot be edited by various team members simultaneously, but having numerous projects saved under one user could be very practical for comparative purposes.


The TFBC can be run in two modes:

1. TFBC – offline mode – you are not logged in. Your data is stored locally on your computer in your browser's web storage. You can only access this data from this computer and with this browser. If you delete your browser's cookies, you will delete all of the data you have entered.

2. TFBC – online mode – you are logged in. Your data is stored on our server. Every time you log in, data regarding the last update is synchronised between the local web storage and our server. This enables you to work from every computer, with different browsers and with or without an internet connection.

Personal Trade Fair Plan

The Personal Trade Fair Plan is a research tool in the AUMA trade fair database. An internet connection is necessary to use the AUMA trade fair database. If you wish to store your research results, you will have to log in – Personal Trade Fair Plan – online mode. Your data is stored on our server. This enables you to work from different computers and with different browsers.

Deleting the TFBC and Personal Trade Fair Plan

You can delete the data from our server at any time by deleting your account under "Edit account". However, your data will be kept in backups for a limited time. The locally stored data for the TFBC will remain.

Data protection

Data protection

When is called up, data and information are automatically collected by the computer system of the calling computer. In addition, the services of etracker GmbH are used on the page for analyzing user behavior and session cookies are used to make the page user-friendly. More detailed information under: